how to take steroids

How To Take Steroids

Anabolic steroids are artificial substitutes for the human hormone testosterone, and in combination – the cornerstone of any pharmacological support program for professional bodybuilders. This is very important question how to take steroids. Without them, virtually no stage of pre-competitive training of athletes, not professing “natural” bodybuilding.

What is steroids

This is not a miracle, pills or injections, which allow you to make a champion out of nothing, but with proper use, how to take steroids help to significantly improve the results. Their reception causes:

  • acceleration of metabolic processes, protein is better absorbed from food;
  • due to this – a quick set of muscle mass, the stage of supercompensation is more pronounced;
  • increase in strength, cause – accumulation of more glycogen, fuel for intense strength training, in muscles;
  • decrease in the percentage of body fat in the drying phase;
  • increased mood, psychological readiness for serious stress.

How to take steroids

But the completely created artificial hormonal imbalance in the body does not work out for nothing:

  • steroid rage, uncontrollable attacks of aggression – not all athletes are faced with them, but you can not escape from increased aggressiveness;
  • all steroids have an androgenic effect to a greater or lesser extent, with prolonged reception, the functions of the reproductive system are suppressed: testes decrease, the quality and quantity of sperm deteriorates;
  • can be formed gynecomastia – an increase in mammary glands in men. This disease is treated only surgically, so when the first signs – itching and burning in the nipple area, you need to start taking estrogen-blocking drugs (Proviron, Nolvadex and others) or reduce the dose of steroids;
  • steroids cause sodium retention, respectively – water in the body, so the muscles seem to be inflated. This can be accompanied by a swelling of the face;
  • the consequence of the previous effect of taking steroids is an increase in blood pressure and the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases;
  • The most desirable muscle for any bodybuilder is, of course, the thoracic. For volume and relief, you need to use the whole set of exercises for pectoral musclesin combination with sports nutrition and rest.
  • Very often beginning athletes pay all their attention to large groups of muscles, forgetting about the rest, in the end they get not proportionately pumped up body. How to work harmoniously forearm look here .
  • skin rashes are more typical for inexpensive steroids (Omnadren), but are also found when taking high-quality drugs;
  • superactivity in the sexual sphere. This may seem like a plus, but it really hinders the normal way of life.

Therefore, the question of the how to take steroids, each athlete decides for himself. Do not start the first course from the first day in the hall. Experts recommend starting pharmacological support only after your body is 50% composed of muscles, and better – when you gain the maximum for you natural mass.

There is an age limit for taking steroids – if you start a course before the age of 21, your body can stop in its development. Before this age in the body, so a very high level of testosterone, so you can grow in mass without refilling.

Pharmacological forms of steroids

On the market you can find a huge number of commodity names of steroids and two main forms of release, each of them has its pros and cons:how to take steroids

  • oral form (in simple terms – pills) eliminates the need to do injections, which many newcomers are afraid of. But it heavily loads the liver, so you can not build a course on oral steroids;
  • injections can circumvent this limitation, although large doses of certain steroids negatively affect the functioning of the kidneys. The injections are made in the muscles, the simplest version is the gluteus muscle, but with large doses and frequent injections, other large muscles also have to be used.

Steroids in injectable ampoules can be made on an aqueous (Winstrol) or oily basis (Sustanon, Primooblan). “Water” steroids are quickly absorbed, but are quickly eliminated from the body, so injections need to be done several times a day, “oily” – keep the concentration longer how to take steroids, so require a lower frequency of admission.

Where to start taking steroids?

From the answer to the question, is it worth doing this. We will not touch upon health issues, everything is obvious: the hormonal imbalance caused by steroids affects health, even if the course was properly discharged and all the how to take steroidsadditional measures taken. There are several other “buts”:

  • You must be prepared for significant material costs. The average course includes at least five drugs taken in high doses;
  • Professional athletes are on the pharmacological support for about 9 months a year, combining various courses for recruitment, drying, and recovery. Drugs will need to be taken continuously. Otherwise, the effect will be at best half, one course you will not do;
  • In the preparation of the course will need to delve very seriously, for the successful use of the possibilities of sports pharmacology, you will have to become a little chemist, a little – a doctor. Typical courses are good only in the first stage, in order for the “chemistry” to really work, you have to use the head and adjust someone else’s ideas for themselves. Or find the means to attract a professional.

How to take steroids

This is an extremely important question if you have already positively decided for yourself the previous one.

Take only one drug is useless, and in some cases – dangerous. If it is a steroid with a high androgenic effect (Methyltestosterone, Sustanon), it is necessary to include in the course of drugs neutralizing this effect (except for those already mentioned, mention Tamoxifen, Clomid).

Also, when taking many oral steroids, support for the liver is needed. To this end, hepatoprotectors are used: Essentiale forte, Karsil and others;

Many steroids perfectly combine, giving a synergistic effect. Sustanon is often combined with Winstrol, Parabolon or Dianobol. There are many other effective combinations.

In courses for mass growth, how to take steroids are often combined with growth hormones, so that the effect can be achieved to some extent even in unfavorable genetics;

  • Recovery after training is just as important as proper exercise, sports nutrition. Without a harmonious rest, you will not achieve muscle growth.
  • And what consequences can overtraining lead to and what are its symptoms.
  • An interesting article about steroids in bodybuilding you can read on our blog.
  • For many drugs, there is no link between the dose increase and the effect, so you how to take steroids in doubled doses, you will only do more harm to your health and get acquainted with a wider list of side effects;
  • Steroids can not be the basis of preparation. Without proper nutrition and thoughtful training, there will not be much benefit from them. Therefore, before you start the first course, understand the basics of the science of bodybuilding – literate building a diet and training process.

Approximate courses for beginners

For weight gain, strong steroids with a pronounced androgenic effect are often used (it can be recognized by the androgen index determined for each drug), so their combination is combined with additional drugs.

Many start with such a popular drug as Methandrostenolone (other pharmacological names – Dianabol, Anabol, Stenolon). The easiest course for a beginner is 10 mg (two 5 mg tablets) per day, for 11 weeks with weekly breaks at 4 and 8 weeks.

A more “serious” course is the combination of Dianabol, 20-30 mg per day, and Deca-Durabulin, 200-400 mg per week. This is one of the best combinations for weight gain, but is suitable for more experienced athletes. The course lasts 6 weeks, starting from the third week in addition to steroids 3 weeks should be taken on a tablet Clomid per day. After completing the course, drink 3 weeks Proviron per tablet a day.

For beginners, the combination of Turinabol and Primobolan is also a good match. Turinabol is taken on 2 tablets a day first and last week, in the remaining weeks – 3 tablets a day. Primobolan should be stabbed in an ampoule twice a week (usually Monday and Thursday). The course lasts 6 weeks. After its completion, it is recommended to drink Clomid for liver protection, 2 tablets per day for one week, 1 tablet for the second.

Pharmacology in bodybuilding is a separate science, requiring a thoughtful approach. When investing in pharma support, not only money, but also the mind – you can achieve really close to the maximum possible results for you. But one should not wait for miracles without hard work, proper nutrition and proper rest. To accept or not how to take steroids is a controversial issue, all the arguments “for” and “against” have long been widely known, so it’s up to you.