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Tamoxiver, oral steroid, which is one of the most common drugs used by bodybuilders. This is despite the fact that Tamoxiver was designed for women, not having androgenic and anabolic effects. The main function of this drug is that it has a pronounced anti-estrogenic activity, that would be very useful to bodybuilders and powerlifters while taking anabolic steroids.
Tamoxiver, oral steroid, which was created for the treatment and prevention of some forms of breast cancer. The main objective of drug prevention and stop the growth process of tumor cells. However, men working in gyms found quite another use.
Pharmacological effects, oral steroid, which Tamoxiver

Tamoxiver refers to substances which regulate the function of estrogen receptors (Selective modulators of estrogen receptors, SMER). Tamoxiver, oral steroid, which is anti-estrogen drug that is used to treat breast cancer.
Drug from the group of estrogens. Tamoxifen, being a non-steroidal substance, has pronounced antiaterogennami properties. This is due to its ability to prevent the absorption of estrogen at specific receptor sites of target organs. Tamoxifen inhibits the receptors the body’s own estrogen and thus inhibits the progression of neoplastic diseases, is stimulated by estrogens.
Method of application and doses, oral steroid, which Tamoxiver

Dose is determined individually. Usually administered orally 10-40 mg / day, daily. Pills washed down with water. The duration of treatment is 2-3 years.