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Stanover from Vermoja is a fairly well-known anabolic drug that is used by bodybuilders, powerlifters, athletes of power sports and not only. The active substance of the drug is stanozolol. Its anabolic activity is several times higher than that of testosterone, and the androgenic properties are less pronounced. The characteristic effect of the drug: an increase in strength, muscle mass gain, an increase in the relief of muscles and dryness, and rigidity of muscle mass. Athletes use this drug also during the drying of the body to burn fat and remove excess water from under the skin. Buy the original stavel at the Real-Pump store

How to take a stanover

How to take stavo The optimal dosage of Stanover for men is 50-100 mg per day, however it may vary slightly depending on the athlete himself, body weight, fitness, goals, etc. Beginners in this case should better understand the selection of the dose as detailed as possible, do not risk your health and use at random the chosen dosage. The greatest effect of Stanover can be achieved if the athlete has a relatively low percentage of subcutaneous fat. If there are tangible fat folds, it is better to start a little burn fat.

The course of Stanover lasts about 6-9 weeks, depending on the goals and preparedness of the athlete. The effect of the drug is noticeable almost immediately, it is active for 8 hours, therefore, the dose per day should be divided into 3 doses. The length of the discovery period is 3 weeks.

Stanover from Vermodje is available both in oral (in the form of tablets of 10 mg), and in injection form. Tablet form of release has some advantage (relative) – the use of this drug by women will be somewhat easier, because Dosage can be easily controlled. For women, the dose, naturally, will be lower than that of men – 5-10 mg per day.

The drug can be used solo, and in combined courses. For example, it would be reasonable to combine Stanover with Nandrolone, Anabol, etc. There are contraindications, therefore before the beginning of the course it is better to visit an experienced sports doctor. During the intake, follow the instructions for use and do not combine Stanover with any, at random, selected by you drugs. In no case do not increase the dose without a strong need. Its increase is possible only gradually and under strict control – this applies to all substances used in the course.

Side effects from Stanover

Stanover from Vermodje Stanover from Vermoja practically does not show strong side effects. With a properly designed course and thoughtful dosage, the pobochki will be reduced to a minimum. Do not take antiestrogens, the athlete can not worry about the appearance of gynecomastia, because Stanover does not aromatize. Perhaps an increase in blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Almost guaranteed increase in appetite. Therefore, athletes using this drug should correct their diet – do not include a large amount of fat in the diet and gain calories from harmful products. You just need to increase the amount of protein and carbohydrates in the diet – this will allow you to gain more muscle mass and minimize the amount of excess fat.

If you decide to buy Stanover in tablets or injections, then you need to pay attention to the price of the goods. If the drug is suspiciously cheap, then we can say with 95% confidence that this is a fake. Stanover is not a cheap enough anabolic drug, so do not save on it, take care of your health and buy the product only in proven places.

When choosing a steroid, it must be taken into account that Stanover’s tablets are more toxic to the liver than its injectable form. And of course, the “eternal” course of this drug is unacceptable and there must be a break between the methods.

Reviews about Stanover

Reviews about stavost Stanover from Vermodje managed to prove itself well in the sports pharmacology industry and get positive feedback. Many professional athletes have already appreciated his good performance and use it both in the off-season and in preparation for the competition. Considering the fact that eminent persons should have a beautiful body and a decent shape all year round, the use of this drug in this situation will be a very sensible decision. Among the reviews about Stanover, athletes rarely appear negative statements, and then, they are related only with an overdose.