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Product Description

Primover Vial is manufactured by Vermodje pharmaceuticals. It consists of oil based injectable form of methenolone enanthate. The enanthate ester attached with compound which makes its half-life long. It is slow acting and stays in the body for longer period of time. Due to the long half-life makes you don’t need to take frequent injections. 2-3 injections per week are enough to keep its level stable in blood.

The popularity of Primover vial is huge among the athletes and bodybuilders. They prefer it as a cutting agent. One thing that should be understood is that, Primover Vial is only effective when you follow a proper calorie-restricted diet and proper workouts and trainings. Since Primover does not converts to estrogen therefore, you would not experience any of the estrogenic side effects like water retention or development of male breasts. Since there is no retention of fluids in the body, therefore, it’s very easy to get a ripped and toned body.

If you are willing to build some quality lean muscle mass by following a proper diet and workout, then Primover is the ideal choice for you. It provides significant and long lasting gains in lean muscle mass. Another benefit of Primover is that it does not completely terminates the natural testosterone production in the body. In order to increase the effectiveness of the compound, you can stack it with Stanozolol or oxandrolone oral form. Women body builders also prefer this steroid as it is very mild and has low androgenic properties.

Side Effects

Side effects of Primover are rare and mild. These are basically androgen-related side effects. These side effects can be acne on various body parts, oily skin, body and facial hair growth at accelerated pace and baldness in males.


For men, the recommended and safest dose is 300 to 800mg in a week. Cycle duration is 8-16 weeks. For females, the recommended dose is 50mg to 100mg per week.