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Product Description

Primover Ampoules is manufactured by Vermodje pharmaceuticals. It is an ampoule that comprises of injectable form of hormone methenolone enanthate. It has the enanthate ester attached with it which is the main reason why it has long half-life. The esters attached with the compound only has effect on the half-life of the compound. It does not affect the effectiveness of the compound. The methenolone enanthate, after the injection, stays in the body for long time. So you don’t want to take frequent injections.

Primover Ampoules are very common and widely used by both bodybuilder as well as athletes. They mostly use it when they are one their cutting cycle. Bodybuilders and experienced athletes suggest that with Primover Ampoules, you must follow right diet and undergo proper and appropriate training.

Primover does not transforms to estrogen after entering the body so you don’t have to worry about experiencing any estrogen related side effects. You are safe from experiencing development of male boobs and water retention in the body. this is one of the major advantage for those who are willing to get a perfectly ripped physique. By following a proper training and diet and taking right amount of Primover ampoules you will achieve the results that you have wished for. It does not completely end the natural testosterone production in the body, therefore, you don’t have to worry about lower testosterone levels as well. You can stack it with oxandrolone or Stanozolol to enhance its productivity.

As the compound has very mild androgenic activities, therefore females can also use this compound without any problems. They can build some quality muscles and increase their strength at lower doses.

Side Effects

Some occasional and minor side effects are associated with the compound. You can experience androgenic side effects like higher rate of growing body and facial hairs, oily skin, acne and partial baldness in men.


The safest and highly common dose of Primover is 300mg to 800mg per week and the normal cycle duration is 8 to 16 weeks. The recommended dose for females is 50-100mg in a week.