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Naposim (Naposim) is a well-known drug from Vermoja, the main active substance in it is methandienone. This substance has the following characteristic steroid properties: increase in muscle mass, increase in strength, strengthening of bone structures, a good increase in appetite, acceleration of protein synthesis processes, pronounced anti-catabolic effect. It is active for 5 hours and can be detected from the beginning of admission to the expiration of a 5-week period. Toxic to the liver. The form of the release of Naposima is tableted. Anabolic activity 200%, androgenic 50%. Buy in the store’s catalog Real-Pump.

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The drug will be useful both for beginners (reception is not desirable due to inexperience), and for experienced athletes. It is absorbed very quickly. On the course, you can dial up to 10 kg of total weight (of course, it will not only be muscle mass).

How to take Naposim

How to take naposim For men, the average dosage of this drug is 10-50 mg per day, the course will last 6-8 weeks (according to the standard). To maximize the effect of Naposim, a dose of 10-50 mg should be divided into 2-3 doses per day. This is due to the fact that the active substance is about 3 to 5 hours. High aromatization and androgenic activity does not allow taking the drug to women, otherwise it can lead to not very good consequences. However, there are professional athletes using Naposim, but the dosage is much lower (up to 10 mg per day).

Some women are not sensitive to taking androgenic drugs, in this case, the reception of such a substance will not be dangerous. But in most cases, the reception of Naposim by girls is extremely not desirable (maybe the development of masculinization). For the beginner, the optimal daily dosage for the Naposima course will be about 20 mg per day. Experienced athletes can increase it by 2 times (up to 50 mg). Naposim can be taken both separately and in a comprehensive course, for example, in combination with Nandrolone, Winstrol, and others.

More information about the steroid and its side effects can be found in the topic “Methandienone”.
Side Effects

The main side effects of the drug are: water retention, decreased libido (after the course, it is temporary, during the course – increased), rollback after the course of NAPOSIM, increased appetite (sometimes does not allow you to follow the diet), greasy skin, acne. In general, a standard kit that can be reduced by taking anti-estrogen drugs, for example, Tamoxifen. The active substance of the drug Naposim – methane can also help reduce the production of its own testosterone, but only with prolonged use. The drug is toxic to the liver. Aromatase is released – an enzyme that turns testosterone into a female sex hormone (estrogen). If the dosage is incorrect, gynecomastia is possible. It is very important to follow the recommended dosages, exceeding them can lead to a strong decrease in testosterone production and liver damage.

Reviews about NAPOSIME

Most athletes, of course, only praised the course of Naposim, gaining muscle mass. The picture was overshadowed only by the fact that there was a good rollback. Also for some people, an increased appetite was unpleasant. Diet was difficult to eat, I wanted to eat more. But positive feedback about the Naposima from Vermodje is still significantly prevailing. Already at the first time of reception, the weight gain reaches 2-3 kg at the right loads. Of course, once the strength indicators increase, then it is necessary to train harder, this applies to the working weights and the choice of exercises. Only in this case, the growth of mass will be felt.