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Clomiver is an antiestrogenic drug from the Moldovan pharmacological company Vermodje. The main active ingredient is clomiphene. Form release – tablets, in a package of 25 pcs. 50 mg / tab. Clomiphene is a selective modulator of estrogen receptors. It has antagonistic and agonist properties, blocks the effect on the body of estrogen through binding to receptors. Clomiver blocks the feedback of estrogens with the hypothalamus (when Clomid is taken, estrogens do not affect the pituitary gland, and thus do not reduce the production of LH and FSH) and stimulates the production of gonadoliberin. As a result of these processes, the pituitary gland produces large amounts of luteinizing hormone, which in turn increases testosterone secretion by testicles.

Clomiver is only a stimulant, and by itself does not increase the level of estrogens in the blood. The citrate of clomiphene is similar in its effect to diestrilbestrol, but unlike the latter, does not show estrogenic activity. As for the chemical structure, then the drug resembles Tamoxifen. When using the product, it is necessary to take into account that at small doses clomiphene shows an estrogenic effect, but in case of high concentration of own estrogens it already has the opposite (antiestrogenic) effect. For medical purposes Clomiver is used to treat anovulatory dysfunction of the ovaries, some forms of amenorrhea, uterine bleeding, infertility. In men – with delayed puberty, oligospermia, androgen deficiency.

Effects of Clomiver

Effects of Clomiver Admission Recovery of endogenous testosterone levels.
Increase in the level of globulin, binding sex hormones.
Antiestrogenic effect (blockage of estrogens in cells).
Strengthening the synthesis of hormones FSH and LH.
Obstruction of the development of catabolic processes.
How to take Clomiver

The Clomiver course is most often conducted by men. As a PCT, the recommended dosage of the drug varies between 50 and 150 milligrams. Much depends on the severity of the course of steroids and the physiological characteristics of the body. On average, PCT lasts about 2-3 weeks. As for women, Clomiver’s reception is not recommended to professional athletes.

Reviews about Clomiver

Many athletes use anti-estrogens on the course and as PCT after taking anabolic and androgenic steroids. Reviews about Clomiver talk about the high potential of the drug in restoring the level of endogenous testosterone. Usually it takes 3-4 weeks to normalize the hormonal background of the body.

Reviews of Clomiver testify to the effectiveness of the means to eliminate “kickbacks” after the completion of the AAS courses.