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Description of Vermodje Boldever 1ml amp

With the help of Boldenone, the appetite, nitrogen keeping and protein synthesis will be elevated, erythropoietin secretion within the kidneys is becoming more active. Boldenone has been created, as an improved Methandrostenolone variation, with longer action and in the form of injection, but something new has been achieved. The features of the obtained drug are the following: the half-life takes 14 days, the possibility to be seen on steroid testing lasts for eighteen months. As the drug is staying in the organism for months (at the very outside-for years), it is better not to take it while the important seasons.

You could add Boldever (Boldenone) to your stack, after ordering it on steromarket.comand the drug will provide you with elevated biceps and chest’s volume, it will be supportive at the pre-competitions’ making-ready. Equipoise steroid (also known as Boldenone Undecylenate) is produced in the form of injections. Its functioning is basically anabolic and it is preferred by powerlifters and bodybuilders for the ability to support mass gaining. Due to the Boldenone feature (none hydrops appearing), the vascularity becomes much better. In contrast to steroids, which main goal is mass gaining, Boldever works more for vascularity and muscle power formation. It should be mentioned, that Boldenone Undecylenate is the same useful when taking it single/together with Winstrol, or as a bulking agent for different, more serious, steroids with androgenic properties.

Dosage of Vermodje Boldever 1ml amp

Usually the shots of Boldever are made 3-4 weeks, as its components are active for prolonged interval. Nevertheless, it is important for athletes’ saving the proper index of the drug to make the shots minimum one time a week in amount of 400-600 mg. It is not recommended to take the dose higher, than 600 mg. The drug is functioning gradually, that is why cycles less, than from 10 to 12 weeks, would be not as much resultative.

Here are some examples of the drug stacking. Mass gain and power could be achieved when combining Boldever (Boldenone) with Oxymetholone/Methandienone/Sustanon (testosterone in the injection form)/testosterone cypionate (or enathate). Those mentioned testosterones, combined with Vermodje Boldever 1ml amp, need to be used in such weekly proportion (lasting for 10-12 weeks)- 400 mg (Boldenone) + from 250 to 500mg (testosterone). As Boldenone is having low aromatizing effect, it is highly preferred for pre-competition trainings. Taking Boldenone together with Winstrol/Halotestin/Proviron/Parabolan steroids will support muscular quality and firmness improvement. There left several not mentioned combinations of the drug, you could define more exactly about them from our consultants by phone, after making the order on

Side Effects of Vermodje Boldever 1ml amp

Possibly appearing side effects of Vermodje Boldever 1ml amp (when the dose is much higher, than allowed), are: often erections, pimples, problems with hair growth, boldness, increased skin fat secretion, changes at menstrual periods, penis and clitoris size elevation, voice huskiness and its becoming deeper. If the user is having much serious bad effects after the drug-taking ending, medical help will be needed. Those bad effects are: sickness, bone hurt, tongue wounds, changes at menstrual blood amount, lower legs/feet hydrops, urine darkening, fast weight gaining, changes at stool color, appearing of spots on body/pituitary membrane/oral mucosa, sore throat, fever heat, blood vomiting.