post cycle therapy

Post Cycle Therapy After Steroids

Post cycle therapy is a complex of actions that involves the use of pharmacological drugs and sports supplements to eliminate / minimize side effects caused by the use of anabolic steroids. PCT should be performed after all steroid courses.

The main objectives of Post cycle therapy are:

  • prevention of gynecomastia and testicular atrophy ;
  • restoration of the natural hormonal background;
  • prevention of the phenomenon of rollback ;
  • prevention of other side effects caused by AS.

The type of preparations that should be used during PCT depends on the steroid, which is applied, its dosages and the length of the course, the peculiarities of the organism and the state of the hormonal system are taken into account.

Do not forget to carry out blood tests to determine the level of hormones (testosterone, estrogen, prolactin, luteinizing hormone, etc.). Such tests should preferably be performed before, during and after the course. They will help you determine which medications are preferable to use, as well as their dosage.

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Why use post cycle therapy

post cycle therapyIn the world of bodybuilding, there is such a phenomenon – a pullback. It is accompanied by a reduction in the collected mass, a deterioration in the strength indicators. This happens at the end of the course. At most, the course of anabolic steroids in its composition has testosterone – the male sex hormone, which affects the growth of muscles. In consequence, the hormonal background is broken in connection with the intake of artificial testosterone into the body, because of what the natural stops to be produced in the proper quantities.

Post cycle therapy will help to establish a hormonal background, stop the transformation of testosterone into the female sex hormone estrogen. If the item is not done, then there may be a number of side effects, as well as diseases. The most common are acne, atrophy of testicles, violation of male libido, excessive flooding with water, gynecomastia. These are only the most popular, and now think about whether you need all this. That is why Post cycle therapy is necessary.

There are 3 main components of PCT:

  1. Antiestrogens are substances that inhibit the conversion of testosterone into estrogens. They are divided into two groups:
  • estrogen receptor blockers (most popular: Tamoxifen and Clomid) – used within 3-5 weeks after the end of steroid use. These drugs are very important, since their main function is to restore the production of their own testosterone, they are applied practically after all courses. On the right is a table of recommended dosages;
  • aromatase inhibitors – are used during the course of steroids that are flavored to block the conversion of testosterone into estrogens.
  1. Chorionic gonadotropin – is used to prevent / prevent testicular atrophy, promotes the rapid restoration of the hormonal system. Used for long heavy courses.
  2. Prolactin inhibitors . Suppress the production of prolactin, used on steroid courses of progestin drugs, such as deca and trenbolone.

post cycle therapy


Additional useful components on PCT:

  • omega-3 ;
  • cortisol blockers ;
  • testosterone booster ;
  • hepatoprotectors ;
  • zinc.

The above mentioned additional components also help to restore the level of natural testosterone in the body. Attention! Proviron is not the best choice for Post cycle therapy, it has no effect on the secretion of its own testosterone. Due to its properties, this drug is more suitable to use during the reception of anabolic steroids.

Do not forget that PCT begins not immediately after the end of steroids, but after the concentration of anabolic substance in the blood decreases. It is necessary to take into account the half-life (half-life) of the steroid, which depends both on the active substance and there on the solvent oil (if the drug is injectable). Similarly, the rate of excretion depends on the muscle in which the injection was performed. For example, from the deltoid muscle anabolic drugs are excreted longer than with the buttock.

Helpful Tips fot PCT

If you notice excessive flooding with water, acne or gynecomastia, then in the course went estrogen receptors. In this case, you need to start taking anastrazole – it will help get rid of these unpleasant side effects.

I also recommend reading an article on the harm of anabolic steroids on the human body. To gently exit the course you need to combine correctly after the course therapy with sleep, proper nutrition and training. Very often athletes make the main bet on steroids, thereby reducing physical stress. This is silly. Doing sports should bring pleasure, you should completely give yourself to this business. In general, I do not recommend using steroids unless you are preparing to perform bodybuilding or powerlifting.

At the present time, without pharmacology, it is not possible to become a bodybuilder who can win awards on stage. If you are doing for yourself, then believe me, you can achieve incredible results thanks to complete dedication, discipline and, of course, desire. Eat right, choose the right training program, use sports nutrition.