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Danabol DS (methandienona) – a steroid drug with a moderate androgenic effect (50% of testosterone) and the powerful anabolic effect (200% of testosterone).

This steroid is mainly used in heavy sports like bodybuilding, where it is perfectly proved a means of stimulating muscle growth and increase strength and endurance volumes.

The active drug ingredient, Dianabol was first synthesized by the American doctor John Ziegler in the early 60s of the 20th century based on the first drug that was released in the same pharmaceutical company Ciba.
Initially, methandrostenolone, which is based on Danabol drug, was designed for use in medical practice. It would be used to accelerate regeneration processes and treatment of burn injuries. It was also shown that the drug improves the general condition body tone and women who gave more weight as a drug / therapeutic agent. However, Dianabol subsequently pumped into a heavy sport, where he enjoyed and is still very popular.

Properties, which has Danabol DS, many and most of them are useful for an athlete. In the first round of the whole list of positive effects secrete potent anabolic effect. According to “force” the drug is several times higher than testosterone and is one of the most effective today steroids (the main effect of the drug is based on the rapid increase in muscle mass due to secretion proteins, glycogenolysis). Therefore, take a pill and aspirin for 6 weeks at a dose of approximately 30 mg, you can dial 8 to 10 kg of lean body mass. However, this effect is not definitive, it is possible reversal phenomenon and the subsequent loss of an average of 2 kg. This disadvantage can be eliminated if the type of drug will be in accordance with the recommendations.

As a whole, the action falls Danabol DS not only muscles but also to other systems in your body:

• The drug increases the volume of energy;
• Taking the pills improve resistance volumes;
• While steroid use, a decrease in body fat levels, even in small quantities;
• The use of this steroid ensures the strengthening of the bone structure of the body and the bones themselves.

And all this in conjunction with a major impact, with Danabol DS: accelerates growth and muscle development and increase muscle strength.

But not everything is so simple and perfect. They have this drug and disadvantages. In particular, it is known that methandrostenolone is a flavoring agent (maybe converted to estrogen). In addition, serious disadvantages are the considerable time finding the drug in trials (up to 120 days after receipt).
However, the greatest danger is not this, but side effects Danabol DS (methandienona), some of which are very, very serious. For example, the reception methandienona can adversely affect the liver (the drug is toxic, and its overuse can lead to liver damage).

Here it is worth remembering that while “meta” is a weak androgen drug, and for this reason, the standard for the side effects of steroids during his reception occurs rarely. However, the most common side effects Danabol DS (10 mg) of the tab – this acne and alopecia or hair loss. Additionally, gynecomastia may occur during use, the accumulation of excess fluid in the body and testicular atrophy, but only in the case of too frequent use or the use of very large doses of steroids.
Important: for women use Danabol DS – not the best solution, because the drug leads to the phenomena of masculinization. Girls should choose other means, more reliable and time-tested.

It is also important information about the storage of the steroid. In principle, this is not a big problem: hide pills sunlight, carry out storage, avoid exposing them to sudden temperature changes. Also make sure that the steroid is in the reach of children.


The course of the drug, designed to increase muscle mass and energy performance, great men over 21 years. However, before making a Danabol DS need to learn the contraindications (heart disease, liver disease, high blood pressure and many other diseases), and make sure you use a steroid without harm to your health.

Danabol optimum dose of the substance is in the limit of 15-60 mg. The median for those familiar with pharmacology, but not too experienced athletes is a dose of 30 mg. Danabol DS application performs 2-3 times a day with meals for better absorption and elimination of the risk of disorders of the gastrointestinal tract. Three times a day is reasonable to use a time steroid taken in the morning (at breakfast), the second – during the day (during lunch), or after a workout, and the third – before going to bed (for dinner).

If you do not know how to take Danabol DS, then we recommend. Do not use this steroid immediately at maximum doses. It is best to start with the recommended minimum doses (15-30 mg) course, and then the second or third week, if not currently have stated side effects, gradually increase the dose until you reach the amount of 60 mg.

Danabol DS application in large amounts of 60 mg, is impractical. In use, for example, 120 mg per day, which have not bowed the effectiveness of a steroid, but only increase the risk of side effects. In general, the dose of the drug is a purely individual parameter depending on body shape, weight and health.

Danabol course usually lasts six to eight weeks. and use a steroid, which makes no sense, because during this time that will help you gain 8 to 10 kilos of muscle mass. In addition, the course is too long can lead to disease, suppress natural testosterone production, or adversely affect the liver and heart. After the course, as the TPC for several weeks, in addition to conventional reducing agents can be used testosterone boosters.

But not only in the single course Danabol DS can be useful to the athlete can achieve meaningful results during this steroid combination with other pharmacological agents. Thus, it perfectly combines with Winstrol. The combination of these drugs intake, increase strength, endurance, and of course, the amount of muscle tissue. However, the maximum effect of this drug is achieved if the combined receiving means such as nandrolone decanoate or Sustanon. But be careful, some combination of the drug can be dangerous to the liver, and your body in general.

Danabol DS feedback from athletes and expert opinion
Data and opinions on this drug found on the Internet is not so difficult. Dianabol is still in the middle of last century was the market of sports pharmacology in which he enjoyed and enjoys incredible demand today. Therefore Danabol DS critical Internet often can be found in relevant resources.

Most athletes praise the quality of this steroid. In fact and in truth it is powerful enough, much more potent than testosterone, and at the same time relatively harmless. If, as they say Danabol DS reviews about 10 mg tab this drug is not perfect. It has very serious side effects such as liver toxicity. But the fact that occur especially when the dose or duration of use are inflated, and therefore listen to the recommendations athletes, who are not afraid.

If we talk about the positive effects of the drug exerted on muscle mass, here shown us admirably. As the opinions of Danabol DS (methandienona), short duration of steroid cycle 6-8 weeks can help you earn up to 10 kg. Maybe you lose some weight and gained subsequently, but in any case the result is spectacular. We must also not forget that the drug contributes to indicators such as strength and endurance. What could be useful not only bodybuilders but also athletes or pauerlifters.

If you are looking for some specific comments on Danabol DS, not tighten, and the conclusions drawn from the opinions, we recommend you visit our forum. In our literally anyone who has passed the registration process resources can provide information about particular pharmacological agents. Indeed, as a newcomer, of “colleagues in the shop” opinion can be noted that a lot of new information. If you do not experience takes, no one is forbidden to fill an opinion on this facility, praising its positive effects, or vice versa identifying gaps and possible side effects.